For trapezoidal sheet roofs

The mounting system
The development of the TRI-VENT mounting system particularly emphasised great flexibility, good installation features and great safety. The system was specifically designed for the installation of solar systems on trapezoidal sheet roofs and combines the above benefits into a professional solution.

Greatest flexibility
The different components of the system allow the installation on almost any trapezoidal roof. Due to the TRI-VENT support profiles with their different lengths and several drill holes at intervals of 90 mm to 350 mm, the system can be used for all roof types. The two versions of the TRI-VENT module armatures can accommodate modules with frame strengths of 35 mm, 40 mm, 46 mm and 50 mm. Additionally, the system allows for the solar modules to be installed vertically and horizontally.

Extremely easy installation
The complete system can be installed on the roof as simply as possible and with a minimum number of tools. Having measured the roof and drilled the holes, the TRI-VENT support profiles are riveted to the roof. Then the modules are inserted, followed by the module armatures, and then they are secured at the end of each row, using the TRI-VENT bending tool. Tiresome screwing in is completely dispensed with. The short profiles and easy-to-handle components enable the simple and easy transport of the system to and onto the roof, thus saving energy, time and money.

Best safety
The system, designed for wind and snow loads, provides best stability and safety even in extreme weather conditions. Each module is secured against slipping with the TRI-VENT retaining rings of the mounting system. The support profiles, bent with the TRI-VENT bending tool, give additional stability to the system and prevent the slipping of all modules.