Aerodynamically optimised mounting system

The mounting system for large flat roofs

TRI-STAND Aero is the logically consistent development of the proven PV mounting system TRI-STAND. The new mounting system is based on TRI-STAND components, but is designed especially for efficient use on large flat roofs.

Smaller loads, less costs

Due to its aerodynamically optimised shape, the mounting system TRI-STAND Aero offers significant advantages in terms of load and costs. The new PV mounting system puts considerably less weight on roofs than conventional module supports. Compared to the conventional flat roof supports, TRI-STAND Aero needs at least 50 % less ballast for the installation.

The centrepiece – the TS-F bracket

The back of the elevation is clad with a metal sheet that both reduces the dynamic pressure and prevents wind pressure loads on the underside of the modules. The centrepiece is the newly developed TS-F bracket. It is used to attach the module to the bottom profiles and the vertical profiles providing support on the back. The bracket makes the diagonal profile superfluous – and thus saves material costs. Instead, the module is screwed directly onto the mounting holes.

Less shading, more output

Since the PV modules are supported at an angle of 20 degrees, the shading distances reduce and the output per square metre increases. Installing the TRI-STAND Aero system keeps the roof covering intact. The system is designed for modules with a width of 790 – 810 mm and 990 – 1010 mm. Modules with these dimensions are state-of-the-art. The required back sheets are tailored to these dimensions. As a result, customers are spared expensive customised components and benefit from an efficient product.